You happen to be my friend, you idiot, I might do this for you even though I wasn’t crazy with you

caution, from the resonant. sheppard/mckay and you can nc-17 first-time, closed into the a closet–hence facts are incredible–the greatest matter i have read inside the fandom yet, and concealed since good pwp, however, in fact achingly sweet and you can a little personal, however, the subtly, the lower. sheppard is actually nervous and you will wistful and you may plainly has been nursing crush, and you may mckay’s semi-medical method to brand new sex are smart.

this new pegasus community, from the sabine. sheppard/mckay, pg. invest season step one, post-„the brotherhood“, a story from atlantis’s pov and have john’s and you will rodney’s. in the iq examination and you will high iq societies, simply, and a wizard-level-wise sheppard. it is a good fanon idea that doesn’t look fanon here because of the way it’s made the item from desire, one of many pillars of facts. the fresh omnisicient atlantis pov is really cool, too, as well as the entire build features an enjoyable and you will very easy circulate.

the dangers from chocolate, otherwise rodney en-chocolated, because of the salieri. sheppard/mckay, pg. sheppard pov, early s2. an amusing, rambly, run-on sentences sort of sheppard voice. however, mostly this is simply pretty.

owl sight, by the salieri. sheppard/mckay, pg, simply hardly maybe not gen. an effective bit of occurrence-such as for example fic where atlantis quarantine snaps on and you can tresses sheppard within his bedroom, apparently that have a great wraith, and you may rodney has to work to rating him out.

It actually was eg a Buster Keaton flick simply without the comedy

stay away from geeks hit merchandise, by serialkarma. gen, pg. that is a small, geeky ficlet throughout the xmas gift ideas and it’s really humorous, particularly the talk, however, john’s narration is excellent as well. somebody on the comments says it’s great how it has an seksi hД±rvatГ§a gelin excellent large amount of canon and very absolutely nothing fanon, and i also can go plus you to too. needless to say, smart!mathy!john is fanon, however, they are sizzling hot, very he will get a free ticket.

untitled ficlet because of the colors. sheppard/mckayish, really light, grams. a highly brief, sweet ficlet. The 2 had matching perplexed face before it turned to each other and you may been pattering back and forth gently.

a beautiful existence feel, of the shalott. sheppard/mckay, nc-17 basic-day. an excellent novella in which a bit of alien tech accidentally helps make sheppard and you can mckay joint moms and dads, and then they improve the child. a beneficial child tale, sweet, comedy, fun, best.

Today shut-up and pick a motion picture,“ and you can John felt their frustration droop and failure instance a great deflating balloon; what the heck is he meant to tell that?

can’t have one, from the shalott. sheppard/mckay, nc-17. they will have acquired ceremonially and take a fake honeymoon and affect features sex. the story’s not too much time, and it also begins with all of them refusing getting sex and ends up together with them obviously ecstatic for the arrangement, and you may she cannot fork out a lot of energy establishing up to it or persuade you of it or something, however the breathtaking point try she has no to help you, she never loses your (or at least, me), it’s all made in; the brand new tone, the brand new characterisation, the new discussion, it never ever wavers. which a person’s kinda white and you can silly.

controverted, of the shalott. sheppard/mckay, pg. mckay pov, layer about half s1 and you will finishing up pursuing the end. i am nevertheless brand of surprised from this you to. it’s really a good. it’s got sweetness however it is primary mckay pov, it is never soft otherwise sentimental, that’s refreshing, as well as in-reputation. it’s notice-primary, the complete narration; the whole thing seems like rodney could be speaking it. and you may also, it kinda killed myself. inside the a great way. this package not so much towards the humour, though; its layouts are very really serious.

zero refunds otherwise exchanges, from the shalott. sheppard/mckay, Au, nc-17. harlequin challenge entryway: rodney’s lonely into atlantis and you will commands a post-buy bride. they send your john. practical, believable, loaded with attractive talk and you can higher angsty rodney pov and you can legitimate harlequin spot! genius.

uninformed, from the shalott. sheppard/mckay, nc-17. very, really, extremely humorous–sorely funny, specifically mckay’s habits, that is simply deceased-towards. and you can sorts of awkward to view, however in a rather lovely way, where john doesn’t understand that he is upcoming to rodney, and you may rodney doesn’t realize that he’s not. „Goddamnit, we are not dating!“ John told you angrily. „Can you avoid acting such as for instance I am their girlfriend inside the a beneficial coma?“ However, Rodney simply managed to move on gears regarding smug to eye-going versus destroyed a defeat. „Sure, good, we are really not relationships.