Their the brand new homeworld is actually an unlawful house, influenced by warlords and you can wracked because of the constant raids out-of Weequay pirate bands

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Ventress is profoundly hurt of the loss of their particular newfound family relations and therefore grabbed so you’re able to wandering new universe looking for a good objective, in the course of time looking at bounty bing search, and you can looking for a beneficial measure of achievement in the market. So it work forced their particular to adopt a series of unanticipated alliances-she rescued Obi-Wan Kenobi on the clutches of one’s former Sith Lord Maul and Savage Opress, who had has just apprenticed themselves to help you his renegade Sith cousin-and did alongside Skywalker’s apprentice, Ahsoka Tano, when Tano is incorrectly implicated out-of bombing the Jedi Temple.

When Ventress was half a dozen years of age, in the forty two BBY, Hal’Sted is killed throughout good pirate uprising, leaving Ventress-nonetheless a youngster-orphaned in the assault. She found her master’s muscles and you may grieved over their particular losings, however, became distracted by the coming out-of Ky Narec, a great Jedi Knight have been stranded into Rattatak and you will fixed to combat the new pirate threat. As he as well is attacked from the good Weequay, Ventress asked previously untapped Force capability to place the pirate on air and you will across multiple house. Taking their prospective about Force, Narec took the little one on the his proper care and made their own his Jedi Padawan. Unfamiliar so you can their unique at the time, Narec got the one who slain Hal’Sted, maybe not the pirates.

As a top-ranks manager on the Separatist armed forces, Ventress up coming fought to your Confederacy towards battlefields of your own galaxy-comprising Clone Battles as a result of its delivery. Her violence and ruthlessness during the race resistant to the duplicate armies of the fresh Republic and Jedi Order gained their unique a beneficial fearsome profile. Early in the war, she battled with the front side traces out of a primary competition facing brand new Republic pushes according to the order of Jedi Learn Tholme. The brand new Confederacy had broadly claimed brand new competition, in a final highest skirmish, Ventress involved Tholme in personal treat and you may easily weighed down the fresh Jedi, disarming your and you can pressuring a throw in the towel. Disregarding Dooku’s command you to definitely she free Tholme’s lives, the fresh new Ebony Acolyte claimed earn of the doing your to the battleground. She afterwards lead the fresh Jedi Master’s lightsaber on number because the a good trophy.

Ventress remaining the remainder of the fight in the hands regarding Standard Loathsom, who was simply purchased in order to february with the area and keep new Jedi occupied if you’re she executed the next element of their own Masters‘ plan: the latest kidnapping out of Rotta, young buck out-of Jabba the brand new Hutt. Ventress traveled so you’re able to Jabba’s throneworld out-of Tatooine in a good Trident-group assault ship and you will hunted along the young Huttlet. She ambushed Rotta’s cruise barge and its own escort skiffs on the wilderness, damaging one of many skiffs in advance of abducting this new barge. That have Rotta inside pull, she escaped towards abandoned B’omarr Acquisition Monastery toward Teth when you look at the Insane Area, far from leading lines of battle. Development out-of Rotta’s kidnapping as a result of „renegades“ spread rapidly given that Jabba hired bounty candidates so you can recover their kin and you can reached off to this new Republic Senate and Jedi Council for aid in change getting clear passing as a consequence of Hutt Space. With the Teth, Ventress locked Rotta throughout the monastery dungeons prior to calling Count Dooku and you may Lord Sidious, who applauded their particular performs. Dooku expected Ventress to guard the baby however, let the unavoidable Republic save push to track down and you can grab your; the brand new amount necessary footage of your Jedi on the Huttlet so you can cheat Jabba on the convinced that the newest Jedi had been trailing brand new kidnapping.

She try exposed to disappointment and veiled dangers out of her Master, who was simply still for the Tatooine wanting to parley with Jabba. When you’re Dooku reminded their particular of bet of their conspiracy, she is distracted by arrival of Obi-Wan Kenobi, who was simply best new Republic reinforcements. Ventress retreated towards the a keen antechamber regarding the monastery, luring Kenobi towards a single-on-you to competition from the dark. Whether or not she lurked on upper are at of one’s monastery getting a time, Kenobi’s prodding and you will taunting sooner or later drew their own as a result of take part the new Jedi on the a level industry. Brand new duel saw each other combatants enjoy the virtue for some time, however, in the course of time Kenobi found demand of the dispute as he contributed the new black-side apprentice so you’re able to a great catwalk away from monastery. It was around which they one another considered from the Push you to Skywalker and you can Tano had fled Teth on the Huttlet, signifying their own mission’s incapacity. Even if she attempted to keep the latest assault, Ventress is actually disarmed of just one of their lightsabers and you will obligated to sanctuary onboard a good Vulture-class droid starfighter.

Actually with no knowledge of the results of your event, Katuunko produced his choice and contacted Dooku so you can refute his bring, claiming one Ventress ignored new regards to its package and you can declined provide Yoda a good challenge. This new amount wouldn’t make it Toydaria to-fall towards Republic, therefore bought their apprentice so you’re able to eliminate the queen and also make means to have an expert-Separatist monarch. She nearly succeeded about activity, however, her lightsaber knives was in fact halted mid-struck of the Learn Yoda’s telekinetic intervention. The latest Jedi threw Ventress back and taunted their unique Push prowess, seizing her lightsabers off her and you will recommending surrender. Yoda welcome her for taking their unique weapons straight back, but Ventress refuted stop and you can rather detonated bombs she had rooted near Katuunko’s starship to your ridge significantly more than. The latest explosion and you will shedding rubble distracted the newest Jedi along with his clones, providing the black-side apprentice a way to refrain agreeable their own Punworcca 116-class interstellar sloop. Dooku was distressed in the assassin and you can establish a beneficial grudge facing Katuunko for the light of mission’s inability.

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„Dooku. The guy betrayed myself.““I am aware. I’d expected you would find your way so you’re able to all of us fundamentally.“ ?Ventress and Mommy Talzin